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The Calendar Idea

Redesigning an internal website

As a part of the TWD program, we were given the opportunity to redesign the Technical Support Professional program’s internal website. The main audience for this website is the program’s students (generally mostly male between 19-30), teachers, and the occasional prospective student. It was emphasized that the schedule page needed to be our top priority alongside creating a clean, modern design.

###Mobile Friendly

One of our main goals for our redesign was to make our final product completely responsive. As BCIT students, we knew how important it was to have a fully functioning website on any mobile devices, most especially our phones.

For the schedule, we decided to tackle the idea of creating a responsive schedule that had a calendar view and a list view. We also wanted to make sure that site visitors can easily read and gather the information that they need. To accomplish this we made sure to emphasize information such as the date and the course name across all views.

A Screenshot of the TSP Schedule Page
Finished calendar view of TSP's schedule
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