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Show the Local Weather
  • #Sass
  • #jQuery
  • #API
  • #FreeCodeCamp
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Community Learning

Challenging myself to learn

I decided to join FreeCodeCamp to further my JavaScript skills by doing their algorithm challenges and building projects. With Show the Local Weather, campers are expected to build a page that shows the user’s current local weather with an icon or image to show the weather condition. Additionally, users should be able to toggle between Celsius or Fahrenheit.

###Build Process and Tools

For this challenge, I decided to use ipinfo.io to grab the user’s location through their local IP address.

To show the weather forecast, I used Forecast.io’s API. With the help of their documentation, I was able to not only show the current local weather but also the weather forecast for the next five days. I also used Erik Flowers’s Weather Icons to display weather icons alongside the weather forecast.

The approach I took for this project was to first test if I can grab the data I needed successfully, design it on the browser and then add in the functionality. I went on Behance to grab some inspiration and eventually decided on a minimalist design. I also decided to display the local and high temperatures because, personally, I like to be prepared for any weather fluctuations.

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